”Anton Scudier” Central Park in Timișoara


Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu 1, Timișoara, Romania


”Anton Scudier” Central Park is also part of the chain of parks aligned all along the Bega Canal, located in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral.

On the site of the present day park there once used to be a military cemetery, which was closed in 1770, and a century later the remains were moved into the cemetery from Calea Lipovei, by order of General Anton Scudier, who wanted a promenade built close to downtown.

After its establishment, the park bore the name of the general, thus, up until the twentieth century it was called the Scudier Park. After the general's death, a statue was erected in the park, to honour his memory, statue which was later destroyed during the First World War.

Currently, in the centre of the park there is a memorial raised in honour of the Romanian soldier, and one of the alleys was allotted for the carved busts of the town local celebrities.

Some of the trees and shrubs that one can meet in Central Park include: the white fir tree, the Colorado fir, the silver fir, the spruce, the acacia, the chestnut, the elm, maple, juniper, magnolia, jasmine, Forsythis, buxus and salix.

Due to the chess tables installed here, Central Park attracts many fans of this mind sport.

Text and photo sources: http://www.banatulazi.ro/; https://timisoara.eventya.eu/

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