„La Pești” Artesian Fountain


Piața Victoriei, Timișoara, Romania


The artesian fountain, known as the „La Pești” (Fish) Fountain, is located in central Victory Square. It was built in 1957 and originally had the shape of a 5 tip star. It owes its name to the fish-shaped sculptures.

The fountain is a flagship location of Timișoara, regarded as an oasis of relaxation, loved by young and seniors alike. Small and stylish, the fountain is the favourite place of the photographers.

This is where in 1969 the members of the music band called Phoenix, were filmed while playing the tune "Totuși sunt ca voi” ("I am still like you"). Phoenix is a Romanian rock band formed in Timișoara in 1962.

In October 2013, architectural lighting was provided for the fountain. The spotlights, placed on several levels, were programmed to change colour every few seconds.

Text source: https://timisoara.eventya.eu/

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