Jimbolia, the city with 6 museums

Jimbolia is a town in Banat, an ethnographical region of Romania, with about 10,000-12,000 inhabitants. Despite the fact that Jimbolia is a small town, it hosts six museums, including the only Romanian press museum - 'Sever Bocu'. Moreover, the history of the city is marked by the memorial houses of important personalities, historical monuments and other tourist attractions, waiting to be admired by visitors.

The Press Museum of Jimbolia

The Press Museum was founded in 2007 by Peter Stoica (1931-2009), a Romanian poet and publicist who donates his entire impressive collection of books, newspapers, publications, magazines gathered over time and they are the basis of the museum. The Romanian Bee (albina) (1837), The Literary Dacia (1867), The Universe (1884), The Sparkle (Scânteia) (1944), The Renaissance of Banat (1989) are just some Romanian publications that can be read in the museum.

The “Stefan Jäger” Memorial House

The Stefan Jäger Memorial House was founded in 1969. Stefan Jäger (1877-1962) was an German / Romanian painter, also known as the “famous Swabian artist” for his works describing the history, life and customs of the Swabian people in Banat.

The memorial house was reopened after the renovation on the 4th of April 1996 and includes: the painting workshop, an archeology section, a hall with images of Jimbolia personalities, a Swabian room, and the lobby for temporary exhibitions. The painter's workshop has remained unchanged, and besides the personal objects of the painter, there are many works of him. The most important painting is the portrait of the family, on which the look of the painted ones is directed towards the visitor, from any angle you look at.

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