The Timișoreana Brewery


Timișoara, Romania


The Timișoreana Brewery is the oldest brewery in nowadays Romania. Some sources believe that the year of its establishment is 1718, probably based on a document of the Imperial archives in Vienna, which stated that at that time there was a brewery in Timișoara, which also produced brandy, known as the "Imperial Brewery".

The brewery was built in the Fabric Neighbourhood and, for 150 years, it was exploited by the military troops, after which it was leased. At the end of the nineteenth century, the brewery was taken over by the Savings Bank of Timișoara, thus becoming the first stock company in town.

After the Second World War, the brewery was modernized and new production units were established. Companies such as Seegar, Ziemann, Siemens from Germania and Buhler from Switzerland were involved in its modernization.

In 1847, Austrian composer Johann Strauss, the Son, together with his orchestra held his first concert outside of Vienna in the garden of the brewery. Famous waltzes were played: The Blue Danube, Artist's Life, Viennese Blood or Wine, Women and Song.

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