The Green Forest

Natural Attraction


Pădurea Verde, Romania


The Green Forest is located in the North-East part of Timișoara, stretching over a surface area of 724 hectares. It plays an important ecological role, helping balance the climate of the area.

In the eighteenth century, the forest occupied a much larger area, but the deforestation started in early nineteenth century, in order to establish Dumbrăvița.

The current forest is artificial, as it was first laid out in 1860 by the Hungarian Forestry Service. Two other developments occurred between 1894 and 1908. In 1947 the forest was organized by the Forestry Department of Arad and included in the Forest Range of Timișoara, intended for hunting.

The Green Forest is crossed by a tributary of the Bega Canal, the Behela Creek, over of distance of 2.6 km, feeding the lake in Dumbrăvița, an important tourist and recreational area.

The tree species found in the Green Forest include: the Austrian oak, the ash, the maple, the horn, the oak, the field maple, the Tartar maple, the field elm. Oak trees predominate and some have been here for 101 to 120 years.

The Green Forest attractions are: the monument of anti-communist resistance in Banat, the Village Museum and the Zoo.

Various festivals, fairs, parties, as well as picnics are organised here. The Hunters' Festival, the Harvest Fair, the Traditional, Ecological and Crafts Fair in Banat are just some of the events that bring fun lovers together in nature.

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