Museum of History and Ethnography in Lugoj


strada Nicolae Balcescu, nr. 2, Lugoj, Romania, 305500


The building was built between 1898 - 1899, with an impressive baroque facade.

The approximately 65.000 objects kept in the museum and its deposits offers visitors ample opportunities to know the history, culture and civilization of this region.

The museum has departments of archeology, ethnography, memorials, fine arts and medieval history:

● the archeology collection includes a lithic inventory, ornaments, tools, weapons and ceramics resulting of archaeological excavations conducted in Timişoara, Româneşti, Coşava, Visag, Sălbăgel, Sacoșul Mare, Susani, Jabăr, detaching the Thracian discoveries from Susani and the Dacian discoveries from Jabăr;

● the ethnographic collection includes traditional costumes and craftsman inventory from the area;

● the memorial collection contains documents and correspondence, objects belonging to personalities in the area;

● the art collection presents paintings of the contemporary and Austrian School, as well as a collection of sculptures of the artists Elisabeta Popper.

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