The Banat Village Museum


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Strada Avram Imbroane 31, Timișoara, Romania


The Banat Village Museum is located in the Green Forest, just outside Timișoara, exit to Lugoj.

The idea of establishing the museum belonged to Ioachim Miloia, director of the Banat Museum between 1928 and 1940. After attending the opening of the Ethnographic Museum in Cluj in 1928, Ioachim Miloia asked the local authorities to set up a village museum in the courtyard of the Hunyadi Castle.

In 1967, the Banat Village Museum was assigned the current land, where it developed as an open-air museum. By strolling down the alleys of this ethnographical park, the visitor may easily get in touch with the civilization and traditional culture of Banat.

What makes this museum special is the fact that it brings together an entire village, with alleys, farmhouses, mills, thus reconstructing the civic centre of the old rural settlement: school, church, town hall, pub and national house.

The area of 17 hectares of the Banat Village Museum also accommodates several households belonging to the national minorities: a Hungarian one from the ethnographic area of Lugoj, a Ukrainian one from Maramureș, a Slovakian one from the Western Plain.

Once in the ethnographic park, you may visit wooden, stone or clay houses, with straw or shingle rooftops, wooden pillars decorated by carving and notching, with different geometrical elements, high and long verandas or wide open porches.

In July 2006, the Banat Village Museum was joined by the Ethnographical Section of the Village Museum, contributing its over 10,000 heritage items, structured into four major collections: fabrics, icons, art of wood crafting and pottery.

Household items, tools and containers necessary for carrying out ancient occupations - beekeeping, fishing and hunting, religious items, traditional masks, naive painting, toys, musical instruments, ornaments, rural furniture.

The Banat Village Museum also includes old documentary graphics collections and a documentary archive, as well as the photographic collection, albums and books.

Admission hours:

- Summer hours (May 1 - September 30): Tuesday – Saturday: 10-18, Sunday: 12:00-20:00;
- Winter hours (October 1 - April 30): Tuesday – Friday: 9 - 16 , Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00.

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