The Statue of the Virgin Mary and St. John of Nepomuk


Cetate, Timișoara, Romania


The Statue of the Virgin Mary and St. John of Nepomuk is located in Liberty Square of Timișoara. It was made in Vienna between 1753 and 1756 by sculptors Blim and Wasserburger. The statue was placed in front of the Old Town Hall in 1756.

The monument depicts St.John of Nepomuk, the patron of Banat, and the Virgin Mary, with a crown of stars above her head and holding lilies in her hand. In the foreground stand the statues of saints Roc, Borromeo and Sebastian.

The three-side base portrays scenes from the events leading to the death of St. John of Nepomuk, including the confession of Queen Johanna, King Charles' questioning, curious to find out the secret of the confession and the Saint's death, after being thrown from the bridge into the river Vltava in Prague.

The monument was damaged during the revolution of 1989, and consequently restored between 1992-1993.

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