The Brück House

Architecture / Monument


Piața Unirii 2, Timișoara, Romania


The Brück House is an architectural jewel of Timișoara, built in Art Nouveau and Secession styles, with Hungarian folk motifs.

The house is located on 9 Mercy St., on the corner of Union Square, and it was erected in 1910, based on the plans of architects Székely László and Arnold Merbl, at the initiative of the then owner, Salamon Brück.

After the construction of the building in 1910, Salamon Brück opened at the ground floor a pharmacy that is still working today, preserving some of the old furniture.

Over time, the building has been damaged. Lucky that an Italian, Gianluca Testa, who came to Timișoara on business in 1997, realised the historical importance, as well as the value of the property where he had acquired an apartment in 1999. He did not over think it, but took the initiative to restore the building, after obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.

The rehabilitation works were aimed not only at the façade of the building, but also at the interior, thus both the stairway and the rooms were restored, the costs of the work amounting to 300,000 Euros.

The building has regained its shine, catching the eye of all those who make it to downtown Timișoara.

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