The Dicasterial Palace

Architecture / Palace


Strada Palanca, Timișoara, Romania


After the defeat of the Hungarian Republic established in 1849, Hungary was divided into the five "crown countries" (kronländer). Banat of Temeschwar and Serbian Vojvodina, with its capital at Timișoara, was one of them.

A seat for the government of this crown country needed to be built. Thus, between 1855 and 1860, the Dicasterial Palace appeared, the biggest building in town at the time. It was built in the style of the Italian Renaissance, with architectural elements similar to those in the Palazzo Strozzi and Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In the year when the building was finally completed, Banat was once more adjoined to Hungary, therefore a seat for the government was no longer necessary, since Timișoara became the capital of the county.

The Palace has three levels, with originally 273 offices, 34 servant rooms, 34 kitchens, 65 cellars, 27 storage rooms, all placed around three inner courtyards.

Today, the Dicasterial Palace houses the Court House of Timișoara, the Timiș Tribunal and the Appellate Court.

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