The Fabric Synagogue

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Strada Ion Luca Caragiale 1, Timișoara 307200, Romania


The Synagogue in Fabric Neighbourhood, also known as the New Synagogue or the Moorish Synagogue, was built between 1895 and 1899, in Neo-Moorish style, with elements typical of the Italian Neo-Renaissance style.

The construction was performed based on Hungarian architect Lipót Baumhorn's design. It is a square building, with numerous towers and cupolas. The central cupola, equipped with eight rosettes and connected to the exterior walls through deep semi-circular arches, is impressive. The Synagogue is endowed with an organ manufactured in the workshop of Leopold Wegenstein.

The Synagogue was inaugurated on September 3, 1899. It belonged to the Spanish Jewish Community in Fabric.

Given the decrease of the Jewish Community after departure to Israel after the Second World War, the Synagogue was closed in 1985.

In 2009, the Jewish Community of Timișoara leased the building to the National Theatre of Timișoara for a period of 35 years, for it to be used as a theatre hall.

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