The Greek-Catholic Church of "The Birth of the Virgin Mary" - Timișoara


Piața Mitropolit Alexandru Sterca-Suluțiu, Timișoara, Romania


The Greek-Catholic Church of "The Birth of the Virgin Mary" was built in 1765 to serve the Catholic community in the Fabric district of Timişoara.

The Greek-Catholic community came to this Church after the construction of the "Millennium" Church, when the Roman-Catholics moved their services to this new place of worship.

Between 1949 and 1990, the building became property of the Orthodox community and was returned to the Greek-Catholic Church after 1990.

The church building, designed in the Austrian Baroque style, is rectangular, with a horseshoe-shaped apse. In its western side stands a short tower, helmet covered in sheet-metal, marking the axis of the gate. The overlapping pilasters separate the façade into four axes. The church gate has a frame, which is carved in stone.

In the twentieth century, a portico with an arched roof, supported by columns was erected. The trapezoidal brick of the frame bears the inscription "MARIA" and the year of construction: "1765".

Inside, the original pulpit is preserved almost intact, with its white and gold colours. The iconostasis painting, done by painter Simionescu, from 1910 to 1920, is also impressive. The interior painting of the church was done in the last decade of last century by brothers Millthaler from Timişoara.

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