The Roman-Catholic Episcopal Palace

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Palatul Episcopal Romano-Catolic, Strada Episcop Augustin Pacha, Timișoara, Romania


The construction of the Roman-Catholic Episcopal Palace, located at 4 Augustin Pacha St. started in 1743, when the building was donated by Empress Maria Theresa to the Roman-Catholic Episcopacy. Starting the year 1783, the building became the permanent residence of the Catholic Bishop.

In terms of architectural style, the Baroque style may be identified, while the portal is decorated with some rococo elements.

The Roman-Catholic Bishopric of Timișoara is considered to the successor of the Bishopric of Cenad, founded in 1030. Once transferred to Timișoara in 1738, it became the Bishopric of Timișoara in 1930.

In the post-war period, the Bishopric was closed down, and it continued its activity as a simple Deanship. After 1990 it was reactivated and the building was recovered. Now it hosts a museum, where statues, paintings and other religios exhibits may be seen.

Upstairs there are eight huge stained glass windows depicting saints and martyrs of the Hungarian Catholic community. They were rescued and hidden in communist times.

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