The Széchenyi Palace

Architecture / Palace


Palatul Széchényi, Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand I, Timișoara, Romania


The Széchenyi Palace is located at 8 Victory Square. It was built between 1900 and 1914 by the Széchényi Company, based on architect László Székely's plans.

It is considered to be the most beautiful building in Victory Square, due to its rich decorations, statues and bas-reliefs adorning it.

The Széchenyi Palace was designed in the style of the 1900s, with elements typical of the Secession trend.
Architect László Székely had his office in this building. Architect Michael Wolf performed his professional practice in this office. Later, he took over Székely's office. In the interwar period, Wolf became one of the best architects in Timişoara.

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