The Zoological Garden in Timișoara

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Strada Avram Imbroane 90, Timișoara 300136, Romania


The Zoological Garden in Timișoara is the youngest zoo in România, since it opened to public in 1986, when it accommodated 30 species, mostly from the local fauna.

It is located North-East of the city, in the Green Forest, on an area of 6.34 hectares, and it is owned by the Local Council of the Timișoara Municipality.

The Zoo was modernized in 2007, when 16 habitats were arranged to harbour 29 species, totalling 144 animals. It is one of the most pleasant places of entertainment, being open all year round.

The collection of zoo animals in Timișoara includes specimens of: brown bear, wild cat, deer, the European hare, reindeer, Shetland pony, Northern raccoon, Japanese macaque, lion, Hussar monkey, Guinea pig, dwarf kangaroo, domestic goat, ostrich, Emu bird, regular blue peacock, black swan, dumb swan, Chinese goose, shelduck, various species of ducks, hens, guinea fowl, ring dove, turtles and iguana.

Admission hours:
- Summertime, from April 15 to September 30:
Tuesday – Sunday – from 10:00 to 20:00;
- Wintertime, October 1 to April 14:
Tuesday – Sunday – from 10:00 to 17:00.

Last admission for visitors into the zoo - 30 minutes before closing time.

Monday – The Zoological Garden is closed to visitors.

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