Țichindeal ”the Golden Mouth”


Becicherecu Mic 307040, Romania


The Becicherecu Mic commune is famous in Banat, because in 1775 the priest and teacher Dimitrie Ţichindeal was born here. He is known as a scholar, fabulist and translator, being appreciated by the national poet Mihai Eminescu as "Țichindeal the Golden Mouth" for his poetical talent.

Dimitrie Ţichindeal was one of the most prominent representatives of the Enlightenment ideology in Banat, alongside Paul Iorgovici or Constantin Diaconovici Loga, using the writing talent as the main "weapon" for spreading his principles, meant to lead to "the national awakening and the rising of the Romanian nation".

In 1812 he founded the first Romanian pedagogical school, which was among the first ones in Europe (the first normal school was founded in 1810 in Strasbourg), a school of Romanian intellectuality, known as Preparandia from Arad.

The secondary school in Becicherecu Mic bears the name of Dimitrie Tichindeal, and in the village cemetery there is a funerary monument built in his memory.

In addition to the establishment of a memorial museum, local authorities raised a monument in the center of the commune in honor of the great scholar of Banat - Dimitrie Ţichindeal.

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