Timişoara - European Capital of Culture 2021

The European Capital of Culture 2021

Timișoara, European Capital of Culture 2021, is bound to regenerate the city, boost the tourism and breath new life into the city's culture.

The proposed programme is under the theme “Shine your Light- Light up your city”. It is structured around three “territories”: “People”, “Places” and “Connections”. Each is further subdivided. At the centre of the scheme is the Power Station, a capacity building project with multiple strands.

A positive element of the bid was the high level of support and engagement of the different communities’ leaders and artists in this multilingual and multicultural city.

The proposed programme presents an interesting structure as a journey with power stations and territories. It is the result of a clear and strong process of community participation, including the needs of the cultural sector as well as cross-border and international partners.

Many of the projects are multi-annual, a strong element of the programme, and likely to result in a greater legacy of change than single one off events.

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