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Jupânești, Romania


The Jupâneşti village, located on the Vădanei valley (tributary of the Bega River), is the only active pottery center in Timiş county.

Although only two potters (Velcu Trandafir and Barbos Martin) currently work, the village of Jupâneşti was famous among the Banat pottery centers, by the unglazed pots it produced.

In the pottery of Banat, Jupâneşti ceramics have specific features and certain qualities: the fineness of the reddish tint paste, rich in iron oxides, the distinction of the geometric decoration inscribed only in red, the elegance of the shapes.

The potters from Jupânești carried their products to the fairs of Făget, Balinţ, Lugoj, Săvârşin, Dobra, Ilia, Mureș valley and Hunedoara.

Currently, the craftsmen sell their products at the Făget Fair or participate in the fairs in the country.

The Jupâneşti Center is known in the country through the annual pottery fair, organized on a special plateau outside the village, surrounded by a spectacular landscape.

The fair - visited by numerous tourists - is accompanied by performances of ”Făgețeana” Folk Ensemble from Făget and the famous "Dubașii" from Brănești.

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