The Colonnade of Buziaș


Buziaș 305100, Romania


Situated in the central park of Buziaş, the wooden colonnade, built in Byzantine architectural style, with sculptures that give the impression of a huge lace, impresses by its length (500 meters), being considered unique in Europe.

The colonnade was built in 1875, at the request of Emperor Franz Joseph, who wanted to offer his wife, Empress Sissi, a wonderful area for her walks in the park when she visited Buzias.

The colonnade has the role of protecting the lovers of promenades from rain, sun or snow, knowing that aerosols here provide curative effects to those suffering from asthenia or neuroses. In order for the treatment to have the expected effect, it would start at 20 steps per minute, laterally, then at a faster rate of 40 to 60 steps per minute in the middle of the colonnade.

High-density negative air ions, due to the emanations from the wells, explains the beneficial effects of walks under the colonnade.

The colonnade surrounds the park, connecting the Josif Spring, Phoenix Hotel, the bazaar, the Mihai Spring and the Casino.

Two other similar colonnades are found in Europe, in Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden.

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