Where can you eat in Timiș County

The gastronomic potential of Timiș County is brought to attention by the restaurants offering a varied menu for local cuisine as well as for international cuisine.

The nearly 30 ethnicities living here (Serbs, Swabians, Hungarians, Aromanians, Jews, Bulgarians, Roma, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Italians, Chinese, Orientalists, etc.) have made their mark on the culinary field, impressing us with the appetizing taste and satiety of the menus, but also with the interesting combination of sweet and salty foods in the same dish.

Among the recipes specific to the Timiş cuisine, one can mention the pie on the potatoes (”păturata pe crumpi”), the potatoes with dumplings (”crumpi cu găluște”), the packages with cheese (”tașche cu brânză”), the plum dumplings (”gomboți”).

The best opportunity for tasting gastronomic dishes in Banat is the Ethnic Festival, a festival organized annually in Timișoara, together with the Center for Culture and Art of the Timiș County.

Also, the gastro-cultural routes based on multiculturalism in Banat allow tourists to know both the traditions and the representative tourist attractions for each community.

In the following, we tried to make a presentation of the restaurants in the county according to the type of cuisine to help you make the right choices for your culinary preferences.

Romanian Cuisine Serbian Cuisine German Cuisine Hungarian Cuisine Italian Cuisine Oriental Cuisine Chinese Cuisine

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