CODRU Festival 2019

Data și ora:
Moșnița Veche 307287, Romania


CODRU is more than a festival.

->Woodstock 50 years tribute, a movement, a journey, an one of a kind story.

->Three days of multiethnic experiences, when art, food, sports, peace, love and MUSIC will combine beautifully.

->Artists from all over the world, on 3 stages, for 90 hours, performing live music, drum & bass, psy-trance and tekno.

->A 6000 trees tribute to nature. Reforestation. For each donation we will plant a tree.

Where? Bistra Forest, Timis County, Home of the enthusiastic

Are you ready for the ultimate festival experience?

Keep an eye out for daily updates.

23-25 August, Bistra Forest, Timiș County

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