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Str. Craiova nr. 1, Timisoara, Romania, 300587


Sabres (opened back in 2006) was conceived as a fish specialized restaurant - the sole restaurant of this kind in Timisoara.

The quality and the freshness of our dishes are guaranteed by Sabiko, company that by opening this restaurant continued in a natural way its activity started back in 1994 of fish import and processing (one of the few companies of this kind in Banat area).Given our track record in preparing food, we offer a good range of fish and sea food dishes but also traditional non fish menus (meat based or vegetarian food).

Based on your fine choices, our wines or deserts offering, is complementing our kitchen.Our endeavor to present you the simple (but the very best) taste is completed by a team of excellent chefs with great experience in cooking.

Our motto is passion, while our philosophy is the perfect balance between the quality of dishes, services, atmosphere and price.

Phone: 0722 590 115 ; 0740 326 830


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